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What Is WordPress?

Every website starts with an idea. There is some specific development of websites that you hear about every day, whether it is from people around or the internet itself. Thus you might have heard of the infamous online, open source website creation tool written in PHP, known as WordPress. Basically, in non-geek speak, it is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Let’s dig a little deeper on this topic. More websites run on WordPress than any other site – it is used by many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, institutions, and celebrities.

Features of WordPress

One feature that makes this platform so popular is that WordPress is free. WordPress can be downloaded for self-hosted installations from WordPress.org or it can also be used as a hosted service via WordPress.com. It provides various themes and features for its users. It enables us to base our blogs and websites on whatever we like – be it Business(E-commerce), Entertainment or Portfolio.

Easy accessible

It allows you to impress your visitors with an elegant and unique site by choosing fonts, colors, and adding your logo and custom CSS to make your website your own. You could display your media in sophisticated galleries and upload tons of photos, videos, and documents with its generous file storage. WordPress also allows access from anywhere, for it is also available as a mobile application. Thus, it notifies you and keeps your blog updated.

Earn by WordPress

You could build a vast audience from the beginning itself. By using its social media syndication, sharing buttons, SEO tools, and insightful site statistics to increase your traffic and monitor your growth. WordPress’s ad credits themselves are $200. Imagine how much your blog could earn in just one month!

Consultation with WordPress Team

Another aspect of this website is that you can receive support from WordPress experts through email or even live chat. It also has guaranteed security. Your site will always be available, secure, and automatically backed up. Anti-spam protection is built into every WordPress site. You can add extra features to your site, too, like advanced galleries, forms, email subscriptions, polls, sophisticated comments, and much more.

WordPress Widgets

There are various widgets in WordPress, allowing users to get the best out of it, for instance – Text, About, Description, Image, etc. WordPress even allows your blog visitors to contact you through the Contact button. You are free to design the background and blog header, according to your wishes. Other than the given ones, you can add extra pages that relate to your blog/website. WordPress also allows you to check your site’s statistics (or stats) and work accordingly. This option shows you how many views, visitors, likes and comments you have received so far.

WordPress Premium

In order to access even more special features, you can pay for Premium themes on WordPress. By its most simple definition, a premium WordPress theme costs money. If it isn’t free, it is premium. There is no fixed standards or certification that designates a theme as being premium. Anyone can build a WordPress theme, brand it as premium, and offer it for sale. But typically speaking, a premium theme will have been built by professional web designers. The specific aim of catering to a market who is willing to pay more for a better product.

The site describes itself thus, “WordPress provides the design, features, and support to bring it to life.” So if you plan on running a blog for your business, choose your theme, pick a domain, select a plan, and start building your future.

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