What all WordPress Access Areas do we know ?

Wordpress Access Areas

WordPress and its varied capabilities

WordPress by almost all of us is especially relevant as a blogging site. At Least 5 out of our 10 friends have a blog page in WordPress. Yet, we are not so much in touch with the variety of WordPress access areas covered in the digital world and how easy internet world has become with it. WordPress is the space where you can find all the luxuries of the internet without going anywhere else.

Apart from the WordPress blogs that allure all kinds of our interests, the variety of WordPress access areas can be broadened into multiple categories:-

1.Website Development Services

First of all, WordPress offers both the ways of developing a website. In wordpress.org, you can host your own website and make all the development decisions on your own. While in wordpress.com, you can make a website using just a few coding tools and then it takes care of hosting the website for you.


In 2010, WordPress launched the twenty ten formula to allow the management of multiple sites in addition. According to this feature of WordPress, the employee can have full access to the website and can control all the pages. This plugin helps your website have multiple pages like forums and online shopping.

The following line can help you setup your multi site feature in WordPress-

/* Multisite */
define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true );

3.Social Media Network-

Would you have ever thought that this blogging website can be your social media page as well? WordPress also has a plugin called BuddyPress,   and it allows you to sign up, create profiles and post messages. Available in English (Australia), Español, Français, Português do Brasil, Русский languages, this network has more than 330 plugin downloads.


WordPress also offers a forum page for the question and answer discussion board. Here, we can follow posts and topics. Plugins that help setup this feature are CM Answers, AnsPress and Forum Engine. With this, the discussion board gives you the ability to vote on questions and categories and flag comments. These plugins can also get you the weekly updates on your discussion forum.


This might not be an interesting and different feature, yet is the most noteworthy. WordPress also helps you secure your one or multi site by catering security plugins. With the expansion of a website, it has the chance of getting hacked. iThemes plugin in WordPress offers security through a strategized format of protection features- User action login, import/export settings, database backup etc.


Okay, if this doesn’t excite the website developer in you, I don’t know what will! WordPress also provides shortcodes, which means that you can avoid all long repetitive HTML long codes. It takes care of the codes by introducing plugins like Symple Shortcodes and  Wordpress Shortcodes.


WordPress is the ultimate self-hostel e-commerce website. With plugins iThemes exchange and MarketPress, and facilities of WooCommerce in WordPress, you can easily create your ECommerce website. WooCommerce also helps in reviewing all incoming sales and stock levels in one’s website.

8.Booking System-

When I mentioned that WordPress gives the all-in-one page surface, I was not wrong. With Booking System Pro, WordPress also works in different and variety of sites. It allows us to book hotels in different locations and tables in restaurants.

9.Membership Option-

With the plugin of WP-Members, you can also buy a membership in WordPress. Sometimes this membership can be free and sometimes not. s2Member is a plugin which caters these memberships for free in WordPress

10.Mini YouTube doppelganger-

WordPress, in addition, caters a page of its own and plugins like Video Pro which helps you post videos in the website and increase engagement to a large level.


WordPress offers pages and plugins which help you make real time graphs in WordPress. How more will this web site surprise you?


When it already caters so many website design options, WordPress provides methods to tackle and organise your work better. We can also use WordPress as a project management and editorial tool to create calendars or scheduled articles. Task management, project dashboard can be made possible in WordPress through plugins like TaskFreak!, Freelancer, Orbis, EasyProject.

In the digital world, WordPress access areas are developing the digital world to a whole new level. WordPress can create, organize, connect, book, what not! How are you planning to modify your digital presence through it?

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