Why Akismet Plugin Marks Comment as Spam?

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Is Akismet Plugin Marking Your comment as spam? Here is how you can fix it.

If you have heard of Akismet plugin, you would know that is one of the best plugins for WordPress to get rid of spam. But you might have realized, sometimes your comment gets filtered as spam by Akismet spam filter. This is a known problem and there could be many reasons for it. That includes your earlier comments might have been marked as spam by some admins. By using keywords as commentator name, adding the self-promotional link in your comments, etc.

How Akismet comment spam blocker works?

Akismet Plugin marks any comment that is sworn words and any other inappropriate words as spam.

If any of your comment is marked as spam, afterwards all your comments go in the spam folder.

How do you get rid of Akismet spam problem?

One of the simple methods that you can use here is by adding a comment to your friend blog and asking them to mark your comment as not spam. If not, you can comment on many different WordPress powered blogs which get moderate or less amount of comments (that is, if they all use Akismet). After adding 2-3 meaningful comments, send an e-mail to admin using the contact form and ask them to unmark your comment as not spam. I highly recommend not to comment on the very active blog which gets hundreds of comments every day. Because admin probably won’t find time to filter your comments from the spam folder.

The Akismet algorithm learns from the user interaction with comments and chances are very high that afterwards your comments will not be marked as spam. Alternatively, you can also contact them using the Akismet contact page.

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