How to tackle cyber bullying in startups?

Tackle Cyber Bullying

Tackle cyber bullying in start-ups in a better way

Hurdles are obvious to come your way when you’re establishing a successful startup. Cyberbullying is the new way of creating stress and humiliation for entrepreneurs. Stating impolite things in the electronic media against the business, work, and entrepreneurs, cyber bullies live a life of complete pride and casualty. So when Sneha started her online handicraft business, she broke down for the amount of mental stress cyberbullies gave her. Then, Sneha learned ways to tackle cyber bullying and so can you, Don’t you think? .Just a planned strategy is to be made.

In your online career, cyber bullying is one of the most difficult hurdles and overcoming it is a great step forward. When establishing a career online, you’re exposed to the world and public contact is normal. The problem arises when this public sphere becomes a place to project negative comments and not used for constructive criticism. Things can get out of control and should be tackled with proper guidance.

The first step is to identify the bullying and here are some examples for you to understand your situation better:-


Hate, derogatory and abusive constant messages and comments include the first category. When you’re receiving such messages and comments, you need to recognize this problem and then address it.


Another horrible face of this heinous crime is denigration. This includes posting fake, damaging and untrue statements about one’s company or individual self online. Also, altering pictures and posting them on websites and social media platforms is a part of this.


This can be possible mostly in live chats, comment section or personal messages. Under this category of cyber bullying, people tend to deliberately use offensive language to get into fights.


This perhaps is the most common type of cyber bully that people experience. It includes hacking into accounts and emails and sending posts, messages, vicious material online. Competitive companies can use this against you and you need to be more active about it. Making fake profiles of individuals and companies are also constrained to this group.

5.Outing and Trickery-

As the title suggests, this is a little tricky business and it involves tricking you. Under this lies the actions of posting and revealing personal information about others. Another way out can be by tricking you to reveal things about yourself and revealing it to people. This can cause your company’s secrets out in the public sphere.

6.Cyber Stalking-

This is a legitimate crime and can be immediately reported. Threats of harm, harassment, and intimidating messages can be used to identify this crime.


When you’re a part of a company or a website in which you either work or post something and you’re excluded! Leaving someone out of a group chat, online apps, gaming sites and other online engagement can be the characteristics. Blocking someone from an official agreement can also be one of these.

Finally now, after you’ve understood what you’re going through, the next step is to tackle it. But at such difficult situations, it often gets really hard to look for the right way in doing this.

So, there are a few steps that one needs to follow in controlling the situation:-

1.Try to calmly tell the bully to stop.

2.Collect proves by taking screenshots or saving the messages somehow.

3.Block the bully from spheres where you’re being bullied.

4.Report to either the ISP(Internet Service Provider) or the mechanism of the website where you’re being bullied to remove the content and take serious actions against the bully.

5.Report serious bullying like physical or sexual threats to the police. Civil law provides an action favoring the victim by allowing them to sue either the bully or bully’s parents to recover the damages as well.

6.This is probably the most noteworthy step in tackling the situation, don’t lose your calm. Cyberbullying can damage your mind calm and cause depression, anxiety, anger or fear. Talk about it and tell the outside how it should be stopped. Seek support from family, friends or a psychiatrist.

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