How to make SEO friendly blog images with a single click in WordPress?

SEO friendly blog images

SEO friendly blog images in a single click

Yes, it’s official now. It’s absolutely possible for all of us to make our blog images SEO friendly with just-a-single-click. We realise how difficult it gets for bloggers to add the ALT tag and titles to all the images on the blog. Therefore, Vladimir acted on the derivation of the solution to this problem and created plugins. In here, we will give you a brief of how to get SEO friendly blog images with a single click and what other platforms are there to exploit.

Let’s start with the approaches which can be used to make SEO friendly blog images. There are two-


a) Manually adding ALT tag and Title tag to the image:-

Under this, you have to keep in mind the extreme effort which will be in your court. In case you’re starting a new website, you need to work efficiently to manage and build everything up. For this, adding these tags manually can get a little troublesome. The same goes with a long established website, there’s too much of work and efficiency is required.

Anyways, under this method, you have to add the Title and Alt. tag while uploading the picture. In case, you’re planning to add these tags to the previous images manually altogether, you can’t. You will have to delete them first and then add the tags.


b) WordPress plugin:-

Vladimir developed a plugin for WordPress users which can produce SEO friendly images without any work. Okay, a little work is required but only once. The plugin is; SEO friendly images WordPress plugin.

First of all, you need to install the plugin. After installing the plugin, you activate the plugin. Finally, go to settings and use •%name for Alt tag• and •%title for the Title tag•. Click on update options and it’s DONE.

“There are some things that you might want to note down for this. The Alt tag and the title are the most important factors if you want your pictures to be a part of the Google SEO.” Hence, before uploading any picture save it with a meaningful title. Like, SEO-friendly-image and then upload it.

Also, to think of long-term; when the pictures will be in the google images SEO and the page buffers to load! This situation can be quite embarrassing and to prevent the same install ShortPixels. It will help load the picture as well as the site with ease. In addition, if you want to make the most out of the blog images you use in your blog. Create a sitemap for your WordPress site and submit it to google and see the work resulting in flying colours.


Thanks for reading here, hope you like this article. If you have any query, please comment below or you can ask on our discussion forum.


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