How To Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress?

Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

Steps To Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

You might have had instances where you wanted to upload a YouTube video – whether it’s yours or someone else’s that you wished to share. How do you do that? Let’s find out with no further ado.

1. First, find the video you wish to embed on YouTube

    (if you don’t already have the video address).

2. Click the Share link under the video.

3. Under Share this video, copy the video address to your clipboard.

4. Log into your WordPress page and edit the post or page on your website you wish to add your video too.

5. Paste the YouTube video URL previously copied.

6. Click the Update button to complete.

7. Now, you can test your video by directly viewing the page or post normally.

For more advanced options:

Instead of using the Share this video option on YouTube, you could use Embed which presents you with more control over the video such as the display size and the suggested videos at the end of the play.

Copy the resulting HTML code provided by YouTube and paste it in your page in WordPress. You must insert the new HTML code using the Text editing mode for the page, instead of the usual Visual editing mode.

Advantages of Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

While you think of the reason for you to embed the youtube video to your site, we explain it to you.

First of all, it increases the SEO. How? You ask. It increases the SEO of your website because it acts like BACKLINKS for it. When you embed the link into your post or your website content, people tend to click on the link through these sites. It’s like clickbait. If you embed the video link, it increases the views of the video. If the post link is in the video description, it increases the viewers and readers for the site. Therefore, it doesn’t just increase the video popularity but increases the site popularity too.

Secondly, it increases the links to the video and the web traffic for it. Also, helps in providing unlimited video bandwidth and sustainability. It also helps in easy navigation because it has supported format for the same.

In addition, things like the use of captions is a benefit cause it makes it easy to understand. There are translation buttons available which help people from most of the linguistic backgrounds. Finally, it can create pop-up comments on your videos and pop-up links to the website which is a great way to direct viewers to your site.

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