Best WordPress plugins for an impressive blog content

best WordPress plugins

In our previous blog; What all WordPress Access Areas do we know? We mentioned how WordPress covers several areas. In addition, we read about the WordPress plugins which help us access those areas properly.

Plugins are ways to boost the already existing functions that a particular website provides. According to, there exist over 39 thousand WordPress plugins currently. And within that, there are plugins that the lot requires every day for a better reach out of their blogs.

Therefore, here are a bunch of such WordPress plugins which we require for a better content sale-

1.Yoast SEO – describes Yoast SEO as the complete WordPress plugin. It will surprise you with the various features it holds. Internal linking is one of those, adding links on your own gets a little difficult and tedious. Yoast SEO provides this feature as an automation tool within.  It gives you an overview of the readability and how to improve it for a better reading experience. Yoast also ensures an original URL for your blog or content to avoid duplication.  It also gives you a content insight, listing the top five most used words. What more can one want?

2.Disqus Comment System-

Disqus Comment System is one of the most trusted plugins used by publishers online. Sites like Wired, The Atlantic, and EW trust this. People and sites often praise Disqus by stating that it increases traffic to the website and keeps users engaged on the site longer than usual. It is important to understand how? Disqus has a comment system which helps readers post their view or questions and thus the engagement increases. This helps improve the SEO content due to being user-generated. Also, helps you earn a profit.

3.Envira Gallery-

If we only focus on the written content, how will all the photographers, videographers and graphic designers react? WordPress allows you to create a photo or video gallery. Envira Gallery makes those galleries for you. According to WordPress, it has been downloaded more than 500,000 times till now.

4.Term Management Tools-

By now you would be thinking how WordPress is doing all the organization, management, comfort on its own. Term Management Tools proves your amazement right, yet again. Here, Term management tools reorganize the tags and categories on your website. It merges two or more terms, sets parent for two or more terms, changes taxonomy of the terms.  It is an open-source plugin and software.


TablePress is yet another WordPress plugin. It allows you to make tables and fix them in the content of your blogs. TablePress helps you create tables, manage those tables and insert those tables into posts, pages, or text widgets easily with some shortcodes. These tables can hold any type of data.

6.Compact Archives-

What does this plugin do? Compact Archives is the WordPress plugin which views the monthly archives of posts from your website. It is proven great for news blogs. It is viewed in a tabular organized form to have a clear view of the posts.


As the name of this plugin suggests, MonsterInsights is the plugin to have all the insights about the reader’s actions on our website. It tracks all the activities that are happening on your website. From the time-period of a reader’s engagement in the blog to the statistics of the file download, all can be done with MonsterInsights. Finally, all your curious demons will be happy.


Soliloquy is the cater for your slider work Wordpess believes that you should not be burdened with making a slider for your images and videos. Soliloquy allows you to create exquisite images and video sliders without any manual work. It can be done in just minutes.

Which one alludes YOU the most?

I hope you liked my article “Best WordPress plugins for an impressive blog content”. So, please give your feedback and suggestion so that we can come with better content again. And also if you have any query you can ask it on our Discussion Forum.

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